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New Netebook Launch From The S Family

Last Friday was launched the new notebook from the S family and the one that will step up the game in this field. It includes a core i9 with Coffee Lake architecture and 32 Gb of ram. It also has the new OLED panel with retina ready.

Intel Releases A Version Of The Coffee Lake Chipset For Mobile Devices

Intel has released a new processor variation for mobile devices with the new Coffee Lake chipset as the core. With this, Intel matches the Snapdragon dominance on the low-end market of chipsets and gives more tools to manufacturers for the next gen.

Surveillance Drones Now A Reality

A big drone company and a police-camera company are now joining its force to stack up to the possibilities in security matter. The manufacturers are proposing an A.I. surveillance device only for policial and enforcement issues.

Prosthetics with sensory feedback.

A modern procedure devised by researchers from the MIT could allow prosthetic limbs to work and feel more like natural limbs. The idea is that amputees would be able to sense where their prosthetics are and feel how much force is applied to them.

What's The Best Z370 Mobo

A survey demonstrated why we liked the Aorus mobo. This mobo has the best auto OC functionality in bios and is the only one of the roundup to reach 5GHz. Also, they did RGB lighting tests, as well as audio, with outstanding results.

My Gear Setup - Web Designer

As a web designer, there are a few things you must have to do the job. If you have a laptop, you can work almost anywhere. But most people find that having a specific place to work every day is more productive.

How sturdy is Hooli Box 3.0

It is simple and beautifully crafted, the hardware backs up large amounts of data at a fraction of what it used to cost, so it’s no surprise that enterprise top dog MDS Solutions jumped at the chance to make a multi-year deal for the product.

This Virtual Reality Headset Will Bring VR To The Mainstream

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